Children's Centre Tabora

For years the Sisters of St. Anna have noticed the misery of orphans when making home visits for the health center. The children live with relatives, where they are often tolerated as a burden or hang around in the streets. Some of them are HIV carriers or already ill. The sisters felt a need to act quickly.

Today, 25 children are cared for. They receive the care needed, clothing, food, medical assistance and assistance with homework. The children also learn to perform small tasks and help with the garden work. Almost daily new children knock and ask for admission. But until a place becomes vacant, the children often need to be put off. This was the reason a bigger accommodation with kitchen and toilets was built.

Candidates for the Sister's Community and novices take care of the children's welfare, along with a sister and a woman from the village. At the same time they get to know the social needs of their country better and learn how the St. Anne-sisters react to those. Occasional visitors are impressed by the joy, the singing and dancing and the creativity of these poor, orphaned children, who have found a safe and orderly home in the day care.

Sr. Antonita

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