People help People

Our Germany based association "Lebenshilfe für Afrika e.V." is mainly active in Tanzania.

  • We aim to help orphans in Tanzania, whose parents died of AIDS in many cases. This support should give the children a new future.
  • We aim to help with the supply of drinking water in Tanzania, to enable life in the rural area and prevent people from adverse health effects caused by contaminated water.
  • We aim to help people to help themselves.

How do we help?

  • We built a care home (Don Bosco House) for about 250 orphans. The children live with relatives or with foster parents.
  • We enable children to attend a public school in the morning.
  • At noon, the children receive a hot meal and are looked after afterwards (homework, recreational activities).
  • We help with educational programs and medical care.
  • We have been building water wells together with local workers since 2001, organising the maintenance of the facilities and providing basic knowledge of a healthy water supply.


Why your donation will be well received

We are a small and manageable organisation.
All members of the association are volunteers and use their own private equipment (computer, phone, etc.) without compensation.
The Children's Villages is run by local and Indian St. Anna's sisters. They inform us monthly about current expenses and progress.


Tested and recommended

By awarding this label,The German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) certified "Lebenshilfe für Afrika" a careful and responsible management of the entrusted resources.

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