Our History

In 1997 a private initiative began with the aid of Werner Schwarz for orphans in Tanzania in the village Kamishango (Kagera region). The will to extend such aid led to the foundation of our association "Lebenshilfe für Afrika" in 2000. All members of the association are volunteers.

Originally starting with 11 founding members, we now have attracted over 140 members.

In close contact with church authorities, as well as with tutors, teachers and villagers, we help orphans, whose parents have died of AIDS, by caring for the upkeep and providing a good education and vocational training for the children so that they can take their young lives in their own hands.

Funding is primarily from donations

The number of orphans being cared for in Kamishango increased from 140 (2001) to 246 (2011). The orphanage has 6.5 hectares of arable land available, this improved the food supply for the children. The older children are taught basics of the agricultural system, this offers "help for self-help".

We also build drinking fountains, organise the maintenance of the facilities and provide basic knowledge of a healthy water supply in order to enable life in rual areas and to protect people from adverse health effects caused by contaminated water.

In 2005, two more buildings could be built in Kamishango ; a hospital / clinic and education center. In addition, the agricultural system has been expanded. The Outpatient clinic, education center and agricultural site do not only serve the orphans but also the residents of Kamishango and the surrounding villages.

For details on the historical development of various projects please refer to the Christmas letters (see: Information / Christmas letters).

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