St. Nikolaushaus Kemondo

My dear friends of Nikolaushouse,

As you know the Organization of “LfA” has besides the Nikolaushouse, some other villages in Tansania to care for.
Due to the increasing administration works and  the duties to organize all our protegees, it has become very complicated to handle it with our small team.
To release the organization, we finally decided to separate the Nikolaushouse. It wasn’t easy to decide because we have always been very close to this project.
Most of the members of the new Organization of Nikolaushouse are living close to Eassen, so they founded the association “Nikolaushaus e.V.” there.
The purpose and the type of support are equal to the “LfA”.
Both of the Associations will surely work together very close.
The chairman of “Nikolaushaus e.V.” is  Mr. Ulrich Wienands, who once was also working for the “LfA” in former times.
We are begging for the same confidence and faith as you gave for the previous organization.
During the transition, we will guarantee that the donation will be passed on the right account.For altering your direct debit mandate, please use the following form.

You are also welcome in becoming a new member in our Organization
For  donations please use the following account informations:

IBAN: DE53 3605 0105 0003 8069 65
BIC: SPESDE3EXXX  at Sparkasse Essen

Shortly you will receive more information about Nikolaushouse.
Access the site St. Nikolaushaus


Donations Account

Sparkasse Singen-Radolfzell
Account No. 390 4 190
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