Recent Reports from Kamishango


During the month of June primary schools were closed for two weeks. After closing the
schools we conducted two days seminar for our younger children. The seminar was very
good. It was mainly about the life of Christ. (birth to resurrection.) Paintings were put up on
the walls and we did the teaching. The Seminar was very interesting and the children were
very active and alert. We also conducted an exam after the seminar and gave away gifts to
encourage them.


We also conducted a meeting for all the guardians of our children. People responded well and
there were 150 participants. During this meeting we spoke about the child’s care at home. We
had to remind them of many things. We also asked for suggestions from the parents. Parents
were happy about the meeting and suggested to conduct every six months. These are the



A few of the secondary students came for holidays only two weeks and returned to schools
after taking necessary things. The vocational students were here for a month during their
holidays. All of them came to the centre and helped in the centre. This time all of them were
very happy and serious about their life. They really worked hard and completed the work
which was planned.
We also had a seminar for them two times. The older students who are in the seminary came
also for their holidays.(Eradius &Victor) they are in Bukoba Ntugamo Seminary doing
Philosophy. We arranged a seminar for the youth. It was very meaningful.
The second seminar was given by the sisters and the teacher Victor.