Dispensary Bumbire Island


Latest project in planning is the establishment of a dispensary (small hospital) on the island of Bumbire. The main island and the 10 associated islands are located in the southwestern part of Lake Victoria.

Infrastructure on the islands is virtually non-existent; any connection to an electricity system is lacking and instead of roads are rocky paths with debris and high grass present. Although the area is inhabited by around 15,190 people, most of whom live as fishermen on the poverty line,  the current health care is grossly inadequate. The local first aid station can just treat an average of 15 people per week and is not designed for serious emergencies or births. In addition, without power supply there is no lighting at night for e.g. emergency treatment or the operation of appliances such as refrigerators to store medications.

In many cases this means to ill people and pregnant women with complications, that they need to undertake a long and dangerous journey across the water in order to be treated on the mainland. The journey in a fishing boat with a duration of about an hour is particularly problematic for children and pregnant women. Some women give birth on the boat on the way, and some patients don’t even reach hospital on the mainland anymore.

The proposed dispensary shall prevent this and treat the sick on the island itself. Also pregnant women need no longer endure the fatigues of the transit.

The newly built hospital will have its own supply of clean drinking water and shall be central point of contact in terms of health advisory on the islands. In addition, a solar plant on the roof will be installed, which will produce reliable electricity used for lighting and electrical appliances. Finally deliveries and emergency treatments could take place at night and vaccines could be stored chilled due to the tropical climate!


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