St. Nikolaushaus Kemondo

Nikolaus House is a new project of "Lebenshilfe für Afrika" in Kemondo, Bukoba, Tanzania. Bukoba is located on the west side of Lake Victoria in the Kagera region. AIDS besides  malaria, is the biggest health problem faced by the country (Population: 41 million ). The official AIDS rate is currently 9%. According to predictions for 2010, 4.2 million children (or 28%) will have lost one or both parents by the age of fifteen years. The impact on the social structure of the country, one of the poorest in the world, is serious. Valuable knowledge can not be passed on as the middle generation breaks away. The traditional solidary community (family, village community) is hopelessly overburdened.

The Nikolaus House is a home for some of these children; as well as for disabled children who are not cared for by their families. In Tanzania, children with disabilities are often poorly cared for, not promoted, often "hidden" or sometimes even abandoned.

The project started in January 2010. The aim of the project is to establish a center for disabled, severely neglected and orphaned children and adolescents.

The St. Nikolaus House is an institution where disabled people live and attend school. It is a contact point for families who have a disabled child and seek support. The long term efforts are to provide disabled children and young people with appropriate training that will enable them to contribute to their livelihood and to live as independently as possible.

The Nikolaus House offers up to twenty care places. Curently, nine children of the already described target group are living with three nursing mothers in rented apartments in the same place. The children are between three and 14 years old. Three of these children are physically and mentally disabled and can not attend local public schools.

The Nikolaushaus was built in a simple modular design, with the option of extending according to the needs and financial resources.
A module cost about 10 000 €.
We were able to move into the first completed building modules in September 2011.

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